October 19-21, 2018 - Daily 10am - 6pm - Baraboo, Spring Green, Dodgeville, Mineral Point
Wildflower Studio

5 John Young

Watercolor and Serigraph

The awakening of thought and stirring of my emotions may be caused by many things. Color, light, shadow, history, and mood are a few examples of things that spark my imagination. I try to remember the first emotion I felt when I saw it, and capture that in my painting.
I believe that most people today are too busy to see things that happen all around them. Through my art, I try to show the beauty of these things. A curtain gently blowing in a summer breeze, a flower blooming, or a fog lifting from a sleepy morning harbor.
I try to capture the viewer’s attention with a visually stimulating design, and hold their attention by creating a mood. Looking at these small happenings in nature has a calming affect on the viewer.

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Wildflower Studio
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