October 19-21, 2018 - Daily 10am - 6pm - Baraboo, Spring Green, Dodgeville, Mineral Point
Sandra Peterson

34a Sandra Peterson

Oil on Canvas

"My heritage as an American informs, in multiple ways, my identity as a painter. The spirit of animals inspired the earliest Americans, and they continue to form an important part of our collective imagination even in modern times. I personally experience this influence, which is both sublime and universal. I feel that my broad, gestural brush strokes reflect the dynamism and interconnectedness of the vast animal kingdom. At the same time, by making these marks as a painter, I hope to visually connect and integrate their timeless forms with key elements and themes in the wider environment, politically and humanistically."

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Sandra Peterson
21123 State Road 23
Mineral Point, WI 53565
(608) 574-3994