October 20-22, 2017 - Daily 10am - 6pm - Mineral Point, Spring Green, Dodgeville, Baraboo
Sandra Byers

34a Sandra Byers


Porcelain: small nature-inspired sculptural vessels. Stoneware: wall pieces, large platters, bowls, and hand thrown tableware. 115-year-old yellow brick school.

Cary Cochrane

Visiting Artist:

Cary Cochrane

Relief Printmaking (wood And Linocuts)

I make wood and linoleum block prints of living things: animals, birds and people. Most of the images are natural shapes on white paper without backgrounds. I like relief printmaking, as a medium, for its strong, graphic quality. Recently, I've been painting on the paper either before or after printing on it, to add color. I also enjoy the physical process of carving the wood or linoleum blocks and pulling the prints.

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