October 19-21, 2018 - Daily 10am - 6pm - Baraboo, Spring Green, Dodgeville, Mineral Point
Sharon Nicholas

20 Sharon Nicholas

Embellished Boxes

A special container may hold a treasure or the everyday tools of life. After creating fiber art for many years, the unsuccessful search for a special box led me in a whole new direction. I made a box in the tradition of bookbinding. Next I started to play with a beading technique called Peyote Stitch and began constructing miniature buildings with 50 to 100 thousand or more tiny beads. Each Building takes over a year to build.

Serrana Garcia Reyes

Visiting Artist:

Serrana Garcia Reyes

Origami Jewelry And Decorations

Using the ancient Japanese technique of folding paper, I design and create origami jewelry. Each piece is finished with a non-toxic water base coating. For embellishments, I add Swarovski crystals, seashells, pearls, corals, wood or glass beads. The earrings and necklaces are assembled using silver plated, gold plated or Sterling hooks and chains.

I create decorating items out of origami paper folding as well.

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Sharon Nicholas
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